sâmbătă, 13 septembrie 2014

Fracking Fluid Bucket Challenge - English

Fracking Fluid Bucket Challenge


My name is Doru Apostol.

Ice Bucket Challenge is a global movement that seeks to draw attention to a disease with predictable ending that has no treatment yet. The onset and evolution of many diseases depends very much on the environment with all its components: water, air, soil, plant and animal source foods. 

Therefore, I will present you my version: the Fracking Fluid Bucket

I will donate 100 lei to Alexander Popescu, whom I support in his approach to take to Brussels a message to ban hydraulic fracturing and cyanide mining, and I will feel honoured if he pours a bucket of water and ice over my head.

My nominees for this challenge are:

- the Romanian Prime Minister - Victor Viorel Ponta;

- the Polish Prime Minister - Donald Tusk;

- the British Prime Minister - David Cameron.

All three are known to support the shale gas exploration through the controversial hydraulic fracturing technology despite the scientific evidence and the growing opposition of the population. Not having the means to personally obtain the fracturing fluid because of the trade secret, I will use only water and ice. Due to their political and social position, I am sure that they will be able to obtain the fracturing fluid to respond to my challenge. 

My requests are to not fracture our environment, health and people and to not turn us into another Ukraine, to the satisfaction of the corporates’ thirst for profit and shale gas.